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    Mixing native controls from UI Design Editor with custom controls


    has anybody tried to create a custom UI with the Carbide UI editor and mix it with own custom controls? Is it a good approach? If the application layout is different from the one from native Symbian, should I choose the type:
    1. GUI Application
    2. GUI Application with UI Designer
    3. or even Basic console application

    I will have to look what I can expect from skin managers and layout mangers - at least names are promising. My aim is to avoid wheel reinventing if there is such rich library of native components already prepared and to use skin and layout managers to create my custom controls.

    Thank you for comments.

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    Re: Mixing native controls from UI Design Editor with custom controls

    I wouldnt think there would be anything to stop us from attempting something like that. You can get basic controls using the GUI designer and then build on top of that. The only thing that might not work again is the UI Designer if you have changed the basic things which it creates for you.

    As for the layout manager I havent tried it so cant comment on it.

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