Hi all,

I create this new thread as a continuation of the discussion in http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=129111 one the NFCIP connection is working.

The problem is quite strange. Let's see if I can explain it quite clear. I have developed a windows library to use an ACR122 to make NFCIP connections. The library is based on the native chaining mechanism of NFC. Then we have 2 main cases:
1.- ACR working as initiator: Everything is working well. I'm able to send and receive to/from the phone, even when chunking is required.

2.- ACR working as target: When sending from phone to reader I have notice and strange behavior. I send i.e 600 bytes from the phone to the reader. The first chunk is received correctly. However on the second, one byte is missing and the same happens on the third. Amazing but true. The bytes that are lost are always on the same position, that is, byte 295 is not receive. On the other hand, the reply (reader to phone) is ok and everything is sent to the phone.

Does any body knows why byte 295 is missing? Is this a problem with ACR firmware?

I have tested similar code on phone to phone transfer and it's working correctly.

Hope you can help me on that.

See you