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    Question Draw text and controls over video content

    Hi. I know this is a very difficult task at present. I had search all the Nokia forum and NewLC. I couldn't find any sound solution to this problem.

    At present I use the scalable screen draw example to all the GUI of the application (By using Direct Screen Access). I had let the DSA draw very simple things like some text only ( without the background ) and I start playing the video content by using CVideoPlayerUtility. It will draw the text over the video content correctlly. But I can detect the flicker in the text. I want to find a way to avoid this undesirable effect.

    I think I can develop a custom MMF data sink plugin. It will receive the decoded video frame and write it the virtual screen of the DSA program. Who know how to develop a custom MMF data sink plugin. The SDK document said there has a example in $home$/Examples/Multimedia has a DataSink example. But I can only find a ICLCodec example there. Who know where I can find this example?

    The other way I will develop a CCustomVideoPlayer just like the CVideoPlayerUtitily. But it will draw the video content to DSA virtual screen. Again Who know how to achieve this?

    Or any other good suggestions.


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    Question Re: Draw text and controls over video content

    It is unlucky that no one respond to this thread. Some progress on this topic so far.

    I had derived a subclass from CWsScreenDevice and pass it the CVideoPlayerUtility NewL function. But it report WSERV 3 panic. Although I had put the same Hanle value in this class ( I get it from wsSession ). It seemed that the CVideoPlayerUtility will use the WsHandle to do it operation not just the public method of CWsScreenDevice. So it is not a valid solution to this problem.

    If I choose the develop a customed MMF data sink plugin. I will use the RMMFController::AddDataSink to add my data sink plugin. Then my application can call the RMMFController::CustomCommandAsync by filling the parameter with what should be drawed on the video content. Then the RMMFController object will call my data sink plugin to add this to the final decoded video frame then output it to the screen device.

    I want to know whether this is a feasible solution to my problem at hand. The question is that there has no any tutorial or example available to guide me to implment this. Can any one give some example or guidelines? Thanks!

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