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    Saving landmarks in Nokia Maps

    I have an application where I am hosting an LMX file on my server. I send a URL to that link via SMS to a user's phone (N95). Opening the link from the phone opens up a list of all the landmarks in my LMX file. From this list I can use the menu to save the landmark to My Favorites in Nokia Maps.

    My problem is the description field for my landmarks appears in the list of landmarks. However, when I open up Nokia maps, select a landmark I saved using the above procedure, and then select "show details" - the only information available is the address and URL fields. Is this by design? How can I get the description field to show up here?

    I have ensured my LMX file is properly validated.

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    Re: Saving landmarks in Nokia Maps

    Could make such a sample XML file available for testing? You could then either continue discussing the topic here or report this as a platform bug.
    -- Lucian

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