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    APS Streaming Pause at Screen Saver Activation.

    Hello everyone,

    I am testing the APS(2.4.3) in Nokia E71. For this I build the given streaming example with this plugin.

    But here activate Animated screen saver after 1 minute of start streaming example. When the Screen Saver start then the streaming get paused and again when the screen saver is closed it start streaming.

    I activate screensaver in this way: Tools->Themes->Power saver->Animation

    If there have any issue please help me and guide me how can I resolve this problem.


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    Re: APS Streaming Pause at Screen Saver Activation.

    I wonder if the screen saver in any ways is pausing the communication thinking that the device has/should go into an idle state. If thats the case then you can use User::ResetInactivityTimer() to stop the screen saver from coming up, but that might be a lil bit of a drain on the battery though.


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