See hereunder the report from Ovi QA for the first sis file I submitted. The sis file is Express Signed and installs without a problem on other Nokia S60 3rd Edition phones... What can be wrong ?


Comments from the QA team:
Failed Case NEC 1.2: Download/Install/Launch/Delete
Summary: Warning message is displayed at installation: “Installation of xxxxx not supported”. The installation doesn’t occur.
Requirement: Download, install, and run the content.
Steps to conduct the test:
1. Download and install the content using appropriate methods depending on content type via OTA, Cable install, and etc…
2. Select the downloaded content and launch the content.
3. Run through the content to ensure that it runs without any errors.
Expected results: The content is installed and launched properly. The user was able to run the content without any errors
(public, Qa in progress -> Qa failed)

The file failed QA on the following target(s):

* Device: S60 3rd Edition - 240x320 - Nokia E65