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    RCall:Dial() fail shows system message

    Hi all,

    I use the example code from RemoteCam and some code in this group to write a modified version of RemoteCam in 3650 -- After Capture the picture will call back my modem to send me data via data connection (CSD). However I found that if remote side got no answer (e.g. the remote phone is power off), the Dial() will generate a system message "No Answer" which is not expected. Worsely, my program will hang there.

    My question is : How to "disable" the system message?

    An abstract of my code:

    // Dial Phone
    call.Dial(dialStatus, remotePhoneNumber);
    // Wait until connected or failed
    // Check if connected or failed
    if (callStatus == RCall::EStatusConnected) {
    // Do something after connect

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    One question for you. Have you managed to make a data call successfully on a 3650 phone already? These days, I have been trying to establish a data call on two 7650 devices. However, I experienced some problems, like prompting me to select IrDA/BT to make the modem connection once I make a data call from another device. Did you experience this problem? I found that RCall.AnswerIncomingCall() never returns.


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