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    Workflow for building instalation pckg with application + own modules?


    I'm working on an application that is divided into a main application and several modules, plus a png logo. Platform is 6120c which is 3rd edition. For single file applications I've used ensymble and added icon, forced installation to drive C, etc. I'm usign Open Signed.

    I need to make a single installation SIS file. What would be the correct workflow? I understand several steps are required but I want to know if a workflow has been defined somewhere( I couldn't find it).

    Should I use simplesis or py2sis with a directory ? My question is mainly about how to pack everything (main file + modules+ logo.png) into a single sis. After this I'm planning on using mergesis with the Python interpreter.


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    Re: Workflow for building instalation pckg with application + own modules?


    I don't know of any workflow about this, but from what I understand from your requirement it's rather simple. I recommend that you use py2sis with a directory that contains your main script, modules and logo. If I remember correctly simplesis only places files in the phone's file system, it doesn't create an application.

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