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    Question to play wmv file


    Can any one please help me with regards to the following:

    I have a video player project,it can play only 3GP file in the emulator .I want to play wmv,mpeg and .dat files also in the emulator.
    Can you please help me with the symbian c++ (9.2,s60 3rd edition fp1) source code or related APIs or plugins.I need it as soon as possible.Please help

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    Re: to play wmv file

    There is no WMV (Windows Media Video) format support in Symbian or S60, and neither the emulators or actual S60 devices support WMV directly.

    You can license the WMV file/protocol format specifications from Microsoft, and then implement it yourself based on Microsoft specs and related commercial/licensing terms that Microsoft requires you to comply to.

    CoreMedia has at least advertised that they have or are working on a version of the CorePlayer application that would have WMV support. Contact CoreMedia, if you need to know more and possibly strike some sort of a deal with them for their WMV codec (if they have it, and are willing to sell/license it).

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