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    Question C++ or Java? Or may be Python?

    Hi guys. I'm getting started with development for symbian. And I can not choose the environment. The application should be run in background and send/receive HTTP requests. I have Nokia 6290 and I've notieced that the Java applications uncharges battery fast. Does C++ applications uncharges slowly?
    What other advantages and disadvantages of both technologies?

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    Re: C++ or Java? Or may be Python?

    Whether an application has been written in Java, Python or C++ does not directly impact battery/power consumptions. It is more about what the application does (if it constantly runs - e.g., polls the network or whatever - it will consume power - but if it is mostly idle and doesn't do anything, the power consumption will be low).

    There is, however, probably a small advantage in natively compiled code (C++), where you do not need to do an intermediate compilation/translation/processing phase at execution time (Python runtime or Java virtual machine).

    You can use the Nokia Energy Profiler application (downloadable from the Tools section on this site) to see where the battery power is consumed.

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