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    Red face SIM SMS SC number - E-71 can not modify SIM SC number

    I observed a problem in Nokia E-71 phone, if I tried to change the SIM service center number for SMS (Messaging->Settings->Text message->Message Centers) it shows the changes perfectly, but when I restart the phone, again a new profile is created and the old SC number from the SIM comes back. Again, if a new profile is created with new SC number and used it in 'Message Center in use' it works fine but after restart SIM SC number is in action.
    But in all other model (Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc.) the SIM SC number changes permanently.
    My question is, is it a new security feature in E-71 or its a bug. If its a bug then how to get the fix.

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    Re: SIM SMS SC number - E-71 can not modify SIM SC number

    Welcome to the DiBo, I would say the right place for it should be the end user forum here or maybe the general discussion forum here, where you also get to the only global site, just have to select a location first.


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