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    Exclamation Game speeds variation

    Hi all,

    I am working on a game, whose game play theme is I have to save my mouse from the bolts falling from the above, I can move my mouse left and right only.

    Now the problem which I am facing is that when I am testing the game on real devices, the speed of mouse movement and bolts differ from device to device.

    for example when I tested on Nokia N82 and SE K810, the speed of was OK, but when I played the same on Samsung D900 it lagged and was slow, same goes for few more devices.

    Why there is variation in the speed, is it to do something with the code or device specification?

    and how to solve it, as I am going to test my game on different resolutions and brands. my bottom line is to get at least constant speed in as many as devices.


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    Re: Game speeds variation

    Difference in speeds arises from different capabilities of each device. Factors include the processor speed, and the efficiency and technology of the Java virtual machine on the device.

    For this reason (and others, like memory size), it is important to work with the lowest specification device that you intend to support.

    There are various ways to ensure consistent speed across devices. The simplest is "frame rate locking", and you can see some sample code for that in this post.

    It is probably possible to increase the speed of the game on the slower devices. Look at other games on the same device for some indication of how fast a game can run. (Though, be careful of this on devices that have both Java and native applications... make sure you are comparing with a Java game!)

    You can get some idea of the relative speeds of different devices from JBenchmark. You cannot rely on these figures as a 100% guide to performance. Performance will vary depending on what you are doing. (For example, some devices are fast at computation, but slow at graphics. Some devices are faster at graphics.) But the measurements on JBenchmark are a very useful guide. There are also other specifications there.


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