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    problem removing imap account on fp2 and 5ed devices

    I've wrote a program that fetches emails from an imap account: during installation
    it creates and sets up on the device an imap account and when it's uninstalled the account
    with all the emails are removed. This is done with DM adapters API (following step by step
    the example on http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ement_Settings)
    and it works fine on MR and FP1 devices.
    However, on FP2 and 5ed devices (I've tested it on n78, XpressMusic 5320 and XpressMusic
    5800) I'm experiencing this weird issue: when the app is uninstalled the local folder with
    all the emails gets removed but when I install my application again (recreating the same
    account) I can't read anymore the emails fetched: the messaging app returns a -1 system error
    whenever I try to read a message.
    If I remove manually the folder with the messaging app, all works fine and I can read the
    fetched emails correctly, so I suppose that there's something wrong with the account removal
    with DM API. I've tried also to manage account removal with CEmailAccounts (with DeleteImapAccountL())
    but the result is the same: it works fine on MR/FP1 devices but has the same issue on the other
    Anyone has some hint about that? There's some known issue with those APIs on the FP2 and
    5Ed sdk?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: problem removing imap account on fp2 and 5ed devices

    Hi Dave,

    I just read your email and I have a problem with DeleteImapAccountL on FP2 as well.

    In my case I get a signal exception and I can't figure out why the account can't be removed. I have a great deal of difficulty tracing it as well. My attempt is in the destructor of the class that created it.

    I guess you at least were partially successful...

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