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    Required application access not granted

    I am into the development of a VOIP application.I have developed in S60 3rd edition FP@.

    I make sip registrations and make inbound/outbound call. On completion of SIP, RTP packets need to be sent from one device to another.The packets to be sent from mic has to be encoded and send to remote. Similarly the packets recieved should be played in local audio player. In the same manner I want to send and recieve video packets.

    When I try to put this sis file in SGH-i450, then on installing i am getting error "Required application access not granted". I understood this is due to capablilities "MultimediaDD WriteDeviceData ReadDeviceData".

    My certificate created
    "makekeys -cert -password World123 -len 1024 -dname "CN=World User OU=Development OR=WorldCompany CO=FI EM=World@test.com" myCert.key MyCert.cer" does not support the above capablities.

    Shall I need to purchase ACS Publisher Id? If I purchase ACS Publisher Id will it support all the above mentioned capabalities Is it charged, per IMEI

    Please help me to understand what are the pre-requistes for developing a VOIP application in mobile.

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    Re: Required application access not granted

    Please do not multipost, one thread for a problem is usually enough, so lets continue this in the another thread: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=167741

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