I wanted to transfer small data packets/message across my pc and mobile when i came across your article/code :


But I could not get it working.

I mean even after changing the com:com0/1 to com:usb1 and making the baud rate change.....

it wasnt working .

The code executes on the java platform on the phone and establishes connection....but after the "read> "

it does not exit the routine if I enter "EXIT" (i thought that was supposed to be done)..(forced exit works though).

Nevertheless ,I am not able to start the Windows Hyper terminal program simultaneously with the Phone connected ....thus I am not able to start the connection..not even the
"Hello ComComm!Anybody there at com0" message.

More details: my phone is connected on COM5 (device manager).But when i click on nokia connection in the control panel i suppose there are two connections -usb and serial (atleast there are two checkboxes-and the other two are unchecked).

I had one more fundamental doubt ...how is it that only the "server" side code is enough to establish a connection on the client side as well.

Nokia developer