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    Exclamation Unable to connect to network server while application in foreground

    Hi All,

    I am facing quite unexpected response of my application on few devices like N78 and N80. My application connects to a remote server to fetch data. It works perfect on many devices but on above two devices, it remains on progress screen(where animation is displayed using framed image after 1000µs interval), untill I send it to background. If I send it to background, data is downloaded successfully but if it's in foreground I can see only animation. I've observed that after waiting long on this screen, as soon as I send it to background, the gprs connectivity icon of phone is appeared then.

    I'm unable to figure out the reason. I'm not sure if I could face the same problem on some other devices too.

    bet: I've tested this successfully on E65, N73, N95, E71

    What could be the reason?

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