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    On-device debugging is not working !!!!!!!

    I have N80,carbide.c++ v2.0 and TRK v3.0.9.TRK is connected to COM port
    72 which is being showed in device manager.NOKIA-PC suite is exited.I have
    set debugging configuration and launch configuration.I have connected to Mobile through USB-cable.

    But whenever i connected to Mobile remote connections status showing Available at first time.But after starting debugging on carbide.c++ Rmote status is showing either TRK is in use or TRK Not accessible.Thus carbide.

    c++ is giving "ERROR : TRK did not respond(Specified COM port and Connnected COM port may be different or it is being is used by some other applications).

    Where is going wromg.Even though it is basic one am not getting it.Please help me .

    Any help would be appriciated greately.

    siva reddy.

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    Re: On-device debugging is not working !!!!!!!

    First thing that I might want to try is a clean phone.

    Please dont multipost. Your other two posts already :

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