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    For those who are confused what Ovi actually is...

    There seems to have been some confusion on here and elsewhere what "ovi" means.

    Ovi is Nokia's overall brand for their online services, based on the ovi.com domain, but it consists of many separate units which operate independently. The name "Ovi" means door in Finnish, and is meant to imply a portal service rather than any service in particular.

    If you say "Ovi" that doesn't really tell anyone what you're talking about. It would be like saying "I use Yahoo" or "I use Google"... what part of Ovi do you mean?

    Here are all the services that are part of Ovi:

    -Ovi Sync (calendar, contacts and to-do sync service)

    -Ovi Store (online application, game and content shop) <-----That's the part of Ovi covered by this forum

    -Ovi Mail (POP and web-based e-mail service)

    -Ovi Share (photo and video sharing service)<-----That's the part that is having development frozen

    -Ovi Maps (Online navigation and map service)

    -Ovi Files (Online file storage service)

    -Nokia Music (Online music store)

    -N-Gage (Online premium phone game store)
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    Re: For those who are confused what Ovi actually is...

    thanks themetesting for explaining this.

    To also add, we use the term "publishers" to define anyone that develops applications and/or content that is distributed through Ovi Store. So you might see the term "Ovi Publish" which refers to our online publishing tool for publishers to login, upload content, review info on existing content and download resources. The online tool is http://publish.ovi.com.

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