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    Thumbs up Characters in Special character grid, not visible properly on "moto" theme of N79

    Dear Sir,
    1. We have made custom fep for s60 3rd edition FP2. We check it on Nokia N79

    2. When custom FEP activated i change themes of phone and check the display of characters , as how they occur on message editor. The characters that i type on message editor appear properly visible irrespective of what theme i set.

    3. I also check the Characters in the special character grid. Almost on all the themes on phone the characters appear properly. But when i set "moto" theme the characters of the special character grid are not visible properly.
    The code written by me to retrive default theme color for special character grid is

    CAknGrid* iGrid = new( ELeave ) CAknGrid;

    //retrieve default theme colors
    TRgb iTextColor,iHTextColor;
    AknsUtils::GetCachedColor( AknsUtils::SkinInstance(), iTextColor,
    KAknsIIDQsnTextColors, EAknsCIQsnTextColorsCG1);
    AknsUtils::GetCachedColor( AknsUtils::SkinInstance(), iHTextColor,
    KAknsIIDQsnTextColors, EAknsCIQsnTextColorsCG11);

    AknListBoxLayouts::SetupStandardGrid( *iGrid );

    AknListBoxLayouts::SetupFormTextCell(*iGrid, // Reference to grid
    iGrid->ItemDrawer(), // Pointer to the item drawer
    0, // Column index
    LatinBold12(), // Font
    215, // Color (215 = black)
    0, // Left margin
    0, // Right margin - unused
    13, // Baseline
    18, // Text width
    CGraphicsContext::ECenter, // Text alignment
    TPoint(0, 0), // Start position
    TPoint(18,18)); // End position

    CFormattedCellListBoxData::TColors gridColors = iGrid->ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SubCellColors(0);

    gridColors.iText = iTextColor;
    gridColors.iHighlightedText = iHTextColor;

    iGrid->ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SetSubCellColorsL(0, gridColors);


    4. Can you please help on this issue so that the characters in special character grid will be properly visible irrespective of any theme of the phone.

    5. On more doubt i have , in the special character grid, in order to display the SPACE character i am using the OPEN BOX character having unicode 0x2423. But in the grid the open box character is appearing as Rectangular box . Can you please tell me where i am going wrong or what character i have to use to display SPACE character (which will appear as OPEN BOX ) in special character grid.

    Sameer Kamble

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    Re: Characters in Special character grid, not visible properly on "moto" theme of N79

    You may want to check how the built-in character table appears with that theme.
    For the space you can try other similar characters, like 23b5 for example.

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