Dear Nokia Developers,

Can someone make a real time emulator on the web so that newbie developer like me can test out my code and see the effect immediately on the web itself. There is already a real time HTML code on W3school site like the below and I'm looking forward there is one for PyS60 environment. See the below link :

By changing the HTML code, you will see the chages immediately on the web browser. The benefit is :

1) I don't have to buy an expensive high end Nokia phone to test out my code. (I had to admit that I'm poor at least for the moment.
2) The process to push the Python code from PC (via bluetooth or USB) to the Nokia phone is slow to test out my code.
3) My office's PC doesn't allow me to install an emulator permenantly on my PC.
4) By doing it, developers and shortern the time (tremendously) in developing their code.


Yee Ping