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    Question "strange" symbols

    I use Nokia 5800 (v.21.0.025) in Russia. I often enter the text in Russian, but input in English sometimes is required (Latin).
    But keyboard panel let me input only Russian letters, numerals and "strange" symbols (I don't know their names and where they are used...).
    I've found only one way to get English letters - change input language in phone setup. But it's very hard to do every time when you are input Russian <> English text! And change English >> Russian is especially difficult, as it is necessary to press some times the screen, what list of languages.

    Possible delete strange symbols and add English? (without change language in menu).

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    Re: "strange" symbols

    Welcome to the Dibo.

    I would say you should post this in the end user discussion forum here or maybe the general discussion forum here, where you also get to the only global site, just have to select a location first.


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