I need some help from a kind soul. We have an application that works great on the 7650 when downloaded through infrared.
However, we are getting reports of problems when OTA downloading to the 3650.

The game can be found here:


We set it to freeware so there is no cost (except you might have data bandwidth cost from your service provider so watch for that)

Our web site is www.survivorsoft.com. So you can see that we are not trying to do something strange here. We are real game developers.

Few people in the States have 3650 phones which makes it hard to obtain one for testing . Nokia phone loan program (here in the US) does not have them yet.

Any help would be truly appreciated. If you could post your results here that would be great. Otherwise send then to support@survivorsoft.com please.

Thank you so so much in advance !!!