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    How many times do I have to sign my app

    How many times do I actually have to sign my midlet, I’ve been on the java verified website and it says I have to get it signed by Verisign before I can submit it to be signed by java verified, It doesn’t say anything about which page on the verisign website to go to, or anything about the procedure, It kind of assumes I know all that already .

    There are a load of pages on different sites about midlet signing but they are all rather tech heavy and in the confusion Im not even sure if there talking about exactly what java verified require, and none of them give links, talk about the procedure or give any idea on cost.

    Is it strictly necessary, I know they need to verify both my identity and the identity of my midlet, but surely they can verify this by my account details for java verified, when I upload my app. Signing it twice just seems stupid, who’s to say someone couldn’t fake their identity at the verisign stage. If verisign can verify someone identity why can’t java verified.

    Java development is a big enough ball ache as it is, what with fragmentation and technical limitations, without having to jump through even more hoops. Can anyone shed some light on this.

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    Re: How many times do I have to sign my app

    I was very confused by this too. As it turns out the requirement to sign your MIDlet before submitting to JavaVerified has not yet been implemented. See also my thread on JavaVerified: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=166673

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    Re: How many times do I have to sign my app

    Hi pjohnson thanks for the reply

    It seems a bit odd that they haven’t implemented it yet I checked out the java varified website about 3 years ago, prior to my recent investigations into the subject and I remember It said it needed to be pre signed back then, They must move very slowly on these things, actually for that matter not alot seems to have change on the java verified website in that time. Just the devise lists !!!
    I found this article its a bit old but it might interest you and others


    It says on page 2 that it costs $500 a year for a verisign certificate, on top of the testing cost how much are we expected to shell out to get on Ovi

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