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    when symbian going to upgrade it's Unicode version?

    I believe the Unicode version supported on Symbian/Nokia devices are 3.? something, and it is too old for me. It causing problem's when I trying to display some Uyghur language on mobile. All the other problem has solution but just one simple Unicode redirection of Uyghur character 0x0647 explained in detail in following thread.

    I actually more than 10 million Uyghur eagerly waiting for Nokia do something with their supported Unicode version, I am wondering when it is going to happen?

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    Re: when symbian going to upgrade it's Unicode version?

    Is it really an issue regarding Unicode standard versions supported in/by Symbian, or just lack of appropriate Unicode glyphs (characters) in the existing Unicode font files (and possibly also capabilities required by a front-end processor, input-method)?

    Or is simply some code change/fix needed in handling this particular character? (Which also does not require a Unicode standard version change.)

    Either way, I'm afraid you are not going to get an answer here, but you can report this as a bug/defect to Nokia through official support channels (this discussio board is not one of them, but you can contact Nokia Care - customer support - or try the Forum Nokia official reporting channels).

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    Re: when symbian going to upgrade it's Unicode version?

    It could be solved in either way, upgrading unicode standard version or simple code fix for particular character of 0x0647.
    lacking of appropriate Unicode glyphs and input methods are other problem we can solve by writing an fep by ourself and replace the system fonts with truetype fonts. We will be very appriciated if Nokia release Uyghur localized version.

    Thanks for the hints, I hope somebody hear my voice soon, I will try them as well.

    can you tell me where is the forum nokia official reporting channels or move this thread to there? I just filled a report on customer support and when I try to submit it, somehow the server can not understand my browser's query...
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