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    Red face How to save data downloaded using RHttpDownload class

    Hi all

    I need some help on usage of RHttpDownload class. At the moment I use instance of RhttpDownloadMgr class to create an instance of RHttpDownload class.

    RHttpDownload& download=iDownloadMgr.CreateDownloadL((*pUrl),bResult);
    if(!bResult) User::Leave(KErrAlreadyExists);
    	download.SetIntAttribute( EDlAttrAction, EDoNothing) );
    User::LeaveIfError( download.Start() );
    I do get all the required notification when the download completes. Here is my HandleDMgrEventL callback function:

    EXPORT_C void CFileDownloaderBase::HandleDMgrEventL( 
            RHttpDownload& aDownload, THttpDownloadEvent aEvent )
        DPRINT(_L8("CFileDownloaderBase::HandleDMgrEventL - "
        case EHttpDlPaused:
            if( aEvent.iProgressState==EHttpContentTypeReceived)
        case EHttpDlCompleted:
            if( aEvent.iProgressState==EHttpProgNone)
                TFileName filename(_L("c:\\system\temp\\tt.gif"));
                TInt error = aDownload.SetStringAttribute( 
                        EDlAttrDestFilename, filename );
                error = aDownload.Move();
        } //end case EHttpDlCompleted:
        } //end switch(aEvent.iDownloadState)
    My problem is although I get notification that the downloaded file has been moved I cannot find it in c:\\system\temp\ directory. Is there any other way of accessing downloaded data? Thanks a lot.

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    Re: How to save data downloaded using RHttpDownload class


    Check the link. Hope this will help you.
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    Re: How to save data downloaded using RHttpDownload class

    Hi - thanks for the link - I've already seen it by I don't want to use UI interface. I just want to download the file (gif image)if it exists and show to a user afterwards in my own user interface.

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