I am trying to run an application in the Nokia 6212 emulator (it is s40). This application must connect with a Bluetooth server that is in another computer. I have tried to set up the Bluetooth using the NCF but I cannot get it work. I have installed the BT USB Driver (it appears in the System Control Panel). I run the NCF Full and I set up an environment formed by the 6212 and the BT USB adapters. I have tried with all kind of communication technology for both of them to make it work. I have tried for example: 6212emulator: P2P / BT USB Adapter: BTUSB; 6212emulator: P2P / BT USB Adapter: VirtualCOM; 6212emulator: P2P / BT USB Adapter: COM; 6212emulator: NCF / BT USB Adapter: All previous;

None of the previous combinations works. Which is the correct configuration to make my emulator communicate with a external Bluetooth device?

Thanks in advanced.