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    Adding 3rd party TTS to the list seen by CTtsUtility


    looking at the little docs about NSS_TTS_Utility API (from SDK_FP2_API_Plug-In), it seems that class CTtsUtility should be able to directly load a TTS plugin by UID, using OpenPluginL(TUid aUid), and list available plugins through ListPluginsL(RArray<TUid> &aUids).
    Is there any way to install a new plugin (say, like ECom plugins) and make it accessible to the APIs above?


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    Re: Adding 3rd party TTS to the list seen by CTtsUtility

    it is propably possible (not 100% sure), I'm rather sure the API is not public, thus if you really need it you should open a technical support case in which the API needed would be identified.

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