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    Vector map provider or resources for developer?

    Is there any resource providing vector map like the Navteq one that 'Nokia Map 2.0' uses?

    I found MapTP on the NN4D website. The vector map data is seems different from the one mentioned above though they are both from Navteq.

    I'm not sure whether I post this thread at the right place, or maybe I should go to the Navteq forum.

    Is there any way to use the Navteq data which Nokia map 2.0 uses?

    thanks in advance!


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    Re: Vector map provider or resources for developer?

    I'm not sure about navteq but for example TeleAtlas is another "map provider" but they actually don't provide maps, they have Vector-databases which they supply and afterwards another party (like google, or tom tom) makes maps out of this database...
    thats why maps look different even though they have the same "map provider" which actually supplys the data with which a map can be created...

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