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Thread: thread problem

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    thread problem


    I have a MIDLET Runnable:

     public void run()
                     cont33 = Conn("http://finance.yahoo.com/");
            catch (Exception exc)
    String Cont(String url) throws IOException {
             HttpConnection c = null;
             InputStream is = null;
             StringBuffer str = new StringBuffer();
             try {
                 c = (HttpConnection)Connector.open(url);
                 // Get the ContentType
                 String type = c.getType();
                 // Getting the InputStream will open the connection
                 // and read the HTTP headers. They are stored until
                 // requested.
                 is = c.openInputStream();
                 // Get the length and process the data
                 int len = (int)c.getLength();
                 int ch;
                 while ((ch = is.read()) != -1) {
             } finally {
                 if (is != null)
                 if (c != null)
    con22 = "text";
    // Before returning, the resultant String should be parsed to get Exchange Rate
    String val = str.toString();
    return val;

    In MIDLET i start the THREAD:
     Thread topCont = new Thread(this);

    cont33 and con22 are global strings variable.

    The problem is that function Con returns NULL and con22 is not set
    I've tested, and before returns(return val, val is not null.

    What I should do?

    The problem it is in function or thread... Con can't comunicate with exterior..

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    You have to do the more work about the Java Programming Naming Convention.


    The method returning the correct value,just you chnage the variable scope,in which you are assigning the string returned by that method.Try to declare the val as global.
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