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    Smile [request] Please help make Carbide.C++ and Symbian SDKs for Linux

    Dear Nokia,

    After watching the Nokia Developer Summit videos showing the great success they have in selling so many devices, something like another forum member posted "Nokia manufactures ~500 million devices a year, and that there are ~1 billion Nokia phone users"... hearing how they want to open-source things at symbian, introducing qt, etc...

    I'm sure many of us developers who prefer Linux hope for a build system for Symbian C++ and QT-S60, on linux.

    Many believe that sharing of knowledge is good and monopoly/hiding of knowledge is not, therefore many of these people are computing with pride on an OS that shares its knowledge/source, stable and safe without the virus/worm/spyware/trojan business.

    They learn, use/benefit from and share knowledge back. Many make commercial software and/or support/services (like Trolltech - QT), but the knowledge is still shared/improved so the whole ecosystem gets better and better.

    Please help make Carbide.C++ and Symbian SDKs for Linux so more open-source developers would enter the Nokia/Symbian ecosystem - learning/using/sharing knowledge.

    We can see that a huge amount of people are actively learning, benefiting, sharing back the knowledge in the GNU/Linux-based projects and communities. These projects are very much "alive".

    There are also so many KDE QT application developers out there who could try the QT-S60, but would, ofcourse, prefer learning/using/sharing knowledge on KDE GNU/Linux.

    For Nokia/Symbian development the IDE is Carbide.C++ with Symbian SDKs - they are already mainly USING open-source components in the build-system, most components are available on Windows and Linux:

    - gcc
    - perl
    - java
    - eclipse ide + CDT

    However, the missing thing in the contribution cycle is Nokia's Carbide.C++ and the Symbian SDKs which is not yet cross-platform as all the above mentioned tools.

    If Nokia does make Carbide.C++ and Symbian SDKs for Linux then it'll be a contribution back to the open-source community that nokia/symbian USED so much. Then, hopefully, the contribution cycle would run a more full round - REAL "OPEN-SOURCE" guys would love to share their knowledge back to the ecosystem more and hopefully make a more "living" open-knowledge sharing ecosystem.

    It is already possible to develop Symbian C++ apps on Linux manually (http://www.martin.st/symbian - I tried and used with eclipse CDT and it was working - making .sisx files that work on phone - but far more difficult, time-consuming, error-prone than Carbide.C++, still takes too much effort compared to Carbide.C++ that would help so much.

    Just a set that can make native symbian release builds would be enough initially. Porting the SDK, build system would probably be the main focus, the emulator is not the main thing.
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    Re: [request] Please help make Carbide.C++ and Symbian SDKs for Linux

    I'd like to develop under linux, too. I surely won't switch for a hobby's sake.

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