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    developer suite: "create application package" (create/recreate) woes


    when creating an application packge for the first time using the nokia developer's suite sunone plugin, everything works fine. however, upon the 2nd go-around, if i select "recreate based on existing package" and locate the .jar file created previously, i'm getting the following error:

    "Error reading JAR file: MyMIDlet.jar
    java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file"

    if i try "Create JAR and JAD for the first time" option, use the same .jar and .jad names as before, and click the "generate" button, i get:

    "Unable to create Application Package. Preverifying has possibly failed. If you compiled the classes using J2SDK 1.4.0 or later, please check that you used compiler option "-target 1.1", which generates class files for all Java SDKs. Also note that the default emulator used for preverifying must support the APIs which are used by classes in the class path."

    if i delete the .jar and .jad files before trying either of the above options, it works fine. any ideas why the errors are occuring when regenerating existing application packages?

    thank you.

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    RE: developer suite: "create application package" (create/recreate) woes


    Could you explain more specifically which SDK you chose when you created application package and what's the built version of your Nokia Developer's Suite, you can check it from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Nokia Developer's Suite 1.1 for J2ME -> support information.


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    thanks for your reply kui.

    i am using nokia developer's suite 1.1 (build with sunone. since the integration of nds1.1 and sunone appeared buggy, i'm now just using j2me wtk2.0beta2's ktoolbar (with nokia 7210 sdk) and netbeans3.4.1. this approach is suiting me much better and haven't run into the problems that i was having with sunone+nds1.1.

    thanks again for your reply and help.

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