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    GSM, UMTS, GPS Signal strength

    I've been away from Symbian programming for a while, but now I have a chance to write a new app.

    I need to be able to measure the signal strength of the telephone radio. Is there an API into radio that will return the signal to noise ratio, and other telephony physical layer information? I saw an old Nokia Network Monitor App that could display all sorts of telephony data. Any chance that API now exists ?

    Also, I want the same sort of information for the built in GPS receiver. How much physical layer data can I get from the Location API ?



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    Re: GSM, UMTS, GPS Signal strength

    you propably wont be getting too much information with public APIs, anyway, you could check RConnectionMonitor, CTelephony classes for signal, and LBS APIs for the GPS APIs.

    Anyway, if you determine that you can not get the stuff you need, you could try out opening technical support cases. Anyway remember that each technical support case should contain only one problem, thus you should open separate cases for GPS related issues and other one for network signal related issues.

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