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    How do I cancel asynchronous GetAvailableIaps()

    I'm using the asynchronous version of the MWlanMgmtInterface::GetAvailableIaps() method from the WLAN Management API in the SDK plugin.

    The only cancellation method on MWlanMgmtInterface is CancelNotifications(), but that seems to be there to cancel ActivateNotificationsL() rather than GetAvailableIaps().

    I've switched to the synchronous version of GetAvailableIaps() for now, but I don't like the thread-blocking that it entails.

    Any ideas? Having an asynchronous provider API without a corresponding cancellation method seems broken.

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    Re: How do I cancel asynchronous GetAvailableIaps()

    For whatever it may be worth, deleting the CWlanMgmtClient instance seems to do the trick re: canceling. So I'm treating the CWlanMgmtClient instance as a transient resource that only exists while the IAP "scan" is pending. Since such scans aren't a frequent event, I'm not too worried about the overhead of bringing up and tearing down the object every time.

    I did try CancelNotifications() and that resulted in a hung thread, so it's a no go.

    I would appreciate feedback on a less yucky way of canceling this async operation though. Perhaps another API is a better choice?

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