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    How to get stack traces for exceptions on device? Or get Device Connection Tool work

    There are some exceptions that happen on the device but not on the emulators, for which I've found no way to get the stack trace, since the MIDP Throwable class doesn't let you print the stack trace to a given stream, unlike the one on J2SE.

    I tried the Device Connection Tool from the Nokia S60 (Java) SDK, but can't get it to connect. I plug in the phone, verify that the phone shows as connected, and in the Device Connection Tool, I click all the shown ports, one by one, and click Connect, and then run my app on the phone, repro the situation that causes the exception, and notice that the console window in the Device Connection Tool is blank.

    What is missing here, and how do I get this tool to work?

    I tried using MIDPLogger, but found that it doesn't always work -- sometimes its output is blank or doesn't include the complete contents of sysout/syserr.


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    Well thats true that stacktrace is restricted to trace the error on device.
    My suggestion is to make ur own log. Just take a form and append ur move over there like

    code line ;
    log ("line 1");
    code line ;
    log ("line 2");

    void log (string log)


    Also use a command to show the form and a command to get back to main page..

    is this makes some sense;


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    Re: How to get stack traces for exceptions on device? Or get Device Connection Tool w

    For on device debugging I use the bluetooth connection on my N95... couldn't get it to work through the normal USB cable (wasn't even listed in the docs only the ecmt tool had an option in it). You also have to install (and start) the i/o redirection application (you need to install this after installing the ecmt tool). Both tools need to run in the background then you can start the "Device Connection" on the PC.

    I only used the S60_3rd_MIDP_SDK_FP1 so maybe this info is of no use to you

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