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    accessing user-defined attributes in jad when "running midlets immediately"


    i'm using the 7210 sdk integrated with sunone mobile edition. is there a way to access user-defined attributes in a .jad file when running the emulator "immediately" (i.e. menu: "tools" -> "nokia developer's suite for j2me" -> "start emulators...&quot?

    will the emulator pick up the .jad if the directory in which the .jad is located is mounted in the filesystem? or how do you pass the "-jad <jad-location>" option to the emulator before it executes via sunone?

    thank you.

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    probably this information is not of so much use to you anymore. But I can read attributes from the .JAD file when run the emulator immediately through Tools | Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME | Start emulator.

    I use NDS 3.0 and Eclipse 3.0 - I am looking for a way to read the attributes from the .JAD file when I use Run As ...

    1) How do I configure the command line parameters Eclipse passes to the emulator.
    2) Can I pass the location of the .JAD file as a parameter to the emulator ?

    Kind regards,

    Rene Heuven
    e-mail: rene@pcamobile.com

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    Hello heuven,

    well there is an option to provide the emulator with an extra JAD-File by adding "-Xdescriptor:<JAD file>" to the emulator command (see Nokia Series 40 Doc; Chapter 8). Unfortunatly I was not able to make use of this option when starting the emulator thru "RUN" in Eclipse.

    Best, Gerald

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