I'm running 1.9.4 on a 5800 and have a problem with urllib.

import urllib

baseUri = ""
print "URLopener test"

urlopener = urllib.URLopener()
f = urlopener.open(baseUri + "/Devices/1/TurnOn")
result = f.read()

print result
The code makes a call to a simple REST webservice. It works fine if the servers answer is not delayed in any way.

But, if the answer is delayed by network or processing time (currently testing with a five second delay on the server) most of the times no response is received and the shell and whole phone becomes unresponsive. It doesn't seem to timeout, I'd atleast expected an exception at some point.

Same code works on a ubuntu VM and it also works when using a web browser (on phone and computer) so i've ruled out server problems.

Any thoughts?