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    what does the onreadystatechange function do?

    Hi there!
    what does the onreadystatechange do? Is it a call back handler which is called once a http request has been made ?
    - make a http request
    - recieved a xml file
    -onreadystatechange will handle the xml parsing?

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    Re: what does the onreadystatechange function do?

    Hi asshaikh432,

    the onreadystatechange is, as you say, the callback handler that is called, for asynchronous http requests, when a state change of the request itself occurrs. The possible states are the following:
    0 = uninitialized
    1 = loading
    2 = loaded
    3 = interactive
    4 = complete
    So, it is not only called when the request is finished, but also for other intermediate states. This is why, within the onreadystatechange() function, you have to check if the request state is complete (4) before managing the response text/xml.

    Hope it helps,

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