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    how can avoid this rounding off in TReal

    TRealFormat format;
    format.iType = KRealFormatFixed|KDoNotUseTriads;
    format.iPlaces = 2;

    TReal Value1;
    TReal Value2;
    TReal Value3;

    Value2= iSettings->iCurrencies->operator [](i).iCurrencyToBase;

    if Value1=40.05,Value2=0.64
    it is given value3=0.0159823343

    i want only 0.01 into buffer for which i am using TRealFormat but it Round off the value and give 0.02 .
    how can i avoid this rounding off.so tht i can get 0.01 .

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    Re: how can avoid this rounding off in TReal

    When programming in BASIC in such situation I was multiplying the number with 100, truncated the fractional part (Math::Int can do that for you), then divided back the result with 100.
    I guess it would still work in Symbian C++, though if you round 0.015xxx to 2 decimal digits, the result should be 0.02 indeed - so now I would be satisfied with the default behavior.

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