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    Post Implementation of Affle SMS 2.0 on NOkia phones

    I just downloaded the Affle SMS 2.0 on my E71 yesterday and tried it out. It has some nice features but what caught me by surprise was the application actually adds more features to the default Messaging app on Symbian phones. All I did was download and install the application. Heres the link to company page http://affle.co.uk/ The company has launched its SMS (Short Messaging and Search) version 2.0 that includes scheduled SMS, color SMS, and emoticons, among others. The color sms and emoticons are all integrated to the default messaging app and not a separate application. It is clear they are not using the inbox api either.

    So here are my questions:
    (1) Does Affle have access to source code from Nokia with license along with signing to alter the behavior of pre-installed default Nokia messaging app? I cannot imagine Nokia giving selective access to alter their own app to a third party that in turn is making money by selling to operators.
    (2) If Affle didnt have licensing access to source, how in the world could they manage to alter an application developed by Nokia. Does it mean anybody can alter the default behavior of apps on NOkia phones.

    Can somebody clarify this? I can post more information if required.

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    Re: Implementation of Affle SMS 2.0 on NOkia phones


    Welcome to Forum Nokia DiBo.

    I dont know exactly which feature you are talking about nor do I know much about the product. However, there are some Partner API's which is provided by Nokia and Symbian.

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    Re: Implementation of Affle SMS 2.0 on NOkia phones

    The Messaging application is extendable by using MTM plugins. Example of such project is available on FN.com. I do not have the application so I can't tell whether there are any features in it that would require more that a good understanding of Symbian OS and its ECOM framework.

    As for getting access to code, well, any Symbian Foundation member can access it these days. Some of the code is entirely open for all those having access to the Symbian Foundation beta web site.
    -- Lucian

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