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    I can't compile .pyd for my emulator and my phone!!

    Hi,everyone .

    I am learning something about .pyd.

    I have read :http://wiki.opensource.nokia.com/pro..._using_Carbide

    and I have installed:

    • S60 2rd C++ SDK(7.0s\Series60_v21_C)
    • Python for Symbian 60 SDK 1.45
    • Carbide.c++ 2.0
    • PyDev

    I download a http://cyke64.googlepages.com/uikludges.zip.

    I import the Bld.inf of uikludges, then I try to BUILD with "Emulator Debug(WINSCW)". The Carbide is OK .

    But ,I can't find the pyd for my Emulator!! I have search it with Windows Search ...

    Then ,I BUILD with "ARMI" or "Thumb", but I can't find them ,too .

    Who can tell me ?

    I use :
    cd symbian\src
    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build armi urel
    then I can find the PYD !!

    but ,it can not be use in emulator ....

    Whirlwind .

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    Re: I can't compile .pyd for my emulator and my phone!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Whirlwind View Post
    but ,it can not be use in emulator ....

    Whirlwind .
    Just make ur project build to Emulator Debug and search in the Epoc32 folder under Sdks folder with the pyd filename (e.g uikludges.pyd) .Many times, I find my pyd files in this way.
    Remember : Some of the apis are not available for the build "emulator debug" e.g u cant compile xprofile for emulator.
    Hope it helps u..

    Best Regards,
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