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    Why the Chinese Service DON'T supply the service for my nokia 5800

    I have a problem with repair service of my phone.

    I have got a NOKIA 5800XM in this May from an agent that help customers who are in the China (Continent) buy the 5800 from China, HK.
    But When I got the cell phone, I found that the code on the label of the phone doesn’t match the color of the phone itself from some BBSs. (Some threads on the internet collect the information about the code, color and the country of origin.) So I want to ask the Chinese Service to identify the phone, but they refused with the reason that I can’t to supply the special passport for Chinese who want travel to Hong Kong.
    But I notice that on the NOKIA HK web site (http://www.nokia.com.hk/get-support-...mainland-china) and NOKIA China web site, the service policy don't mention that the customers in Mainland China must to show the special passport (to HK) when they want to get the repair service.
    And I can query the IMEI from the NOKIA Database that shows the phone has the repair service,at the same time i have the invoice about this phone. According the policy of the repair service of NOKIA China, the phone will get the repair service in China.
    I contact both the customer service department of NOKIA HK and China, but they don’t give me a satisfying reply.
    So I just want the care center in China to supply the service for me according to the policy, and help me to identify the cell phone is the new one or being retreaded and supply a formal document about the result of the identification.
    What should I do.

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    Re: Why the Chinese Service DON'T supply the service for my nokia 5800

    Welcome to the DiBo :-)

    As much as people here would like to help u, its beyond their control, you would do well to discuss this either in the end user discussion group or contact Nokia Care.

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    Re: Why the Chinese Service DON'T supply the service for my nokia 5800

    My guess would be that since you have not purchased the phone form Nokia or from an authorized retailer you are not entitled to services under Nokia warranty. You should contact the person/agent that sold you the device and hold him responsible for servicing or otherwise clarifying the status of the product. In the future please buy the products intended from your market and exclusively from authorized shops.

    Forum Nokia has nothing to do with Nokia's product support service, this is a site reserved for software developers and software development issues only. Do contact Nokia Care's office in your country and rely on the information they can provide. Start from http://www.nokia.com/support

    You can further discuss this issue with other users at http://www.nokia.com/discussions,
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Why the Chinese Service DON'T supply the service for my nokia 5800

    this one will probably get me kicked but so be it.

    Visit www.symbian-freak.com, register in their forum, and ask again. Your problem is something they LOVE TO fix...
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