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Thread: Megapymodule

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    Alguien sabe que version de megapymodule debo instalar y como puedo hacerlo? Porque no se puede firmar.

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    Re: Megapymodule

    Please use English or use the Spanish forum (Por favor, utilizar Inglés o utilizar el foro en Español).

    Translated by http://babelfish.yahoo.com/:
    Somebody knows that version of megapymodule I must install and since I can do it? Because it is not possible to be signed.

    Remember to mention the cause of the problem (in this case why it can't be signed) It can't be signed because it uses a protected UID. I'm afraid your only option would be to get the source of the SIS file and rebuild it using a testrange UID (0xE0000000...0xEFFFFFFF).

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