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    Thumbs down How to call scale function to scale the image on the time of Drawing the Image.Help

    This is my 'ScaleDown' function to scale Jpeg . How to call this function on the time of drawing the image or simply, how can i use this function to scale from Draw Function .Here is my scale function.Help me....

    CFbsBitmap* CTestAppView::ScaleDown(TInt newWidth, TInt newHeight)
    	TInt KNewImageWidth = newWidth;
    	TInt KNewImageHeight = newHeight;
    	iScaler = CMdaBitmapScaler::NewL();
    	//iBmpScale->Scale(&iStatus, *iSrcBitmap, TSize(100,100));
    	if (err == KErrNone)
    		iConvertState = EConvertStateScaling;
    	return iBitmap;

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    Re: How to call scale function to scale the image on the time of Drawing the Image.He

    you could actually just define a smaller rectangle and draw the bigger image into it, then it would be scaled automatically. if you want to use CMdaBitmapScaler, you should really use Active object to get it working nicely.

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