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    Alternative SIP clents - with hardware codec support.

    People throw these seemingly simple responses like "install a 3rd party SIP client".

    The reality is, though, that i'm not aware of a single 3rd party SIP client that utilizes hardware codec support like the Nokia's native SIP client does.
    They chew on the processor and drain the battery.
    Their contacts integration is also generally not acceptable.

    There's one that tries to do contacts integration:
    But its' hardware codec support is questionable...

    Are there any 3rd party products that really do take advantage of FreeScale StarCore DSPs as per Nokia SIP API???

    Thank you.

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    Re: Alternative SIP clents - with hardware codec support.

    I would really feel that this belongs to the support/end user Discussion board and not here as this one caters to people trying to do their own stuff on the devices


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