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    J2me polish background image problem

    i am unable to get image background in my J2me polish application.
    i have written the code:

    type: image;
    color: transparent;
    image: url( bg.PNG );

    but unable to get the image on background while running the j2me polish.
    Moreover image in background is not coming while i run sample program of j2me polish-menu too.
    means image is not showing in background neither in sample projects nor in self created projects
    background color comes in background but not image.

    please solve my problem as i have to complete my application

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    Re: J2me polish background image problem

    Please continue the discussion at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=168723 and then come back to give your feedback once the problem is clearely identified. At this point it sounds to me that you don't know for sure if there is indeed a problem with Forum Nokia's examples (if so, which one?) or there is some kind of bug in phone's firmware.
    -- Lucian

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