Hey there, I am using S60 phones for many many years now and never had a problem regarding the language of the device for both Menus and Writing language, until now.

All these years I was purchasing European Models of popular Nokia S60 phones, my personal languages of interest as an example is English and Greek, others prefer English and something else. While English is present to all Nokia models, many times I purchased Nokia S60 Phones from another regions without the Greek Language pre-installed, however with a simple change of the product code, either myself or by visiting a Nokia Center I was able to install the Greek language I wanted in the phone.

Now the situation is more complicate as Nokia is releasing different versions of its products like NAM models for the American market.

The problem is simple. The NAM models have very limited support of languages, while America, especially USA is well known as a multilingual, multicultural country. In New York alone there are hundred of thousands of people speaking any language you can ever imagine, from Chinese, Japanese, to Russian and Greek, but the NAM models are supporting none of them.

I am currently in USA and using the N95 8GB with Greek language and I will transfer to N97 NAM as soon as it is available because I need to replace my old N95 with the powerful N97 and I really need the 3G support while I am here so NAM N97 is the only option for me right now. The problem is the the Nokia N97 NAM does not come with Greek language support and there is no way to install it, while I am not really care regarding the language in Menus, English is fine, at least for me, the real problem is in Typing. I will need Greek for both emails and Internet posts but most importantly I will need that Language to navigate my content.
A perfect example for this is my "Contacts". My contacts contains 500+ names about 200 of them are in English, and the rest 300 are in Greek. Without the Greek support I cannot press a Letter and minimize my search and scrolling down a list of 500+ contacts is not the best idea of locating information.

I hope you understand the major problem that is been created here.

I believe the best solution for this is the release of individual Language Packs at least for your Symbian Smartphones. I remember Sony Ericsson did it for Symbian UIQ based smartphones many years ago, so I see no reason why Nokia cannot go the same road and solve this major issue. If Language Packs are not possible for some reason then another suggestion is to give the option to install a different language directly from Nokia Software Updater. No matter what way you guys choose, you finally need to face this major problem and somehow provide support for every language you support for all your models.

Please forward this message to anyone or any department responsible for this issue, me and many other really hope this will finally become reality.

Thanks in advanced