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    Retriving IMEI No.

    Hi All,

    For retriving IMEI number i used "Obtaining the device IMEI Synchronously" from Examples.
    i create exe file. .i tried for FP2 it is working properly.
    but for NOKIA 6670(S60 2nd edition FP1) it is not open..

    Thanks & regards,

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    Re: Retriving IMEI No.

    CTelephony is not supported in S60 2nd edition FP1. You can try this article to get IMEI in second edition.

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    Re: Retriving IMEI No.

    Quote Originally Posted by savaj View Post
    CTelephony is not supported in S60 2nd edition FP1. You can try this article to get IMEI in second edition.

    thanks 4 ur quick reply.
    but as for getting IMEI this simple method is available then why To use CTelephony (as some what critical)?


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    Re: Retriving IMEI No.

    PLP Varient is a legacy method which allowed machine specific information to be hacked into place which wasnt supported by SCOM. IMEI and other information used to be stored here and as a result caused a massive headache for Symbian in maintaining backwards compaability for legacy devices. Since Symbian 7 licensees have been moved off PLPVariant and onto the "approved" method for getting the IMEI number of RMobilePhone (licensee SDks). This means that future versions of SCOM (I think v29 is the latest public versions), all use the same APIs to get the same data and so there is no mismatch depending on which method you use.

    Now the entire thing comes through the CTelephony API which has been released for 3rd party developers as it abstracts the inner implementation giving developers limited control over the base telephony layer without compromising on some of the key features Symbian deemed relevant for developers.

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