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    5800, playing DRMed audio

    Hi all,

    I'm faced with a problem.
    There's a protected audio file on my phone.
    Tried to play it via CDrmPlayerUtility and via CMdaAudioPlayerUtility and got the same result:
    NNNPlayComplete callback is issued immediately after PlayL function call with -17452 (KErrCANoRights) error code.
    ContentAccess EFileType attribute has a strange value - 3.

    Built-in player works fine.

    What do you think about it?

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    Re: 5800, playing DRMed audio

    Hi lballo,

    I am also facing the same issue in N96. Have you got any solution to this issue?
    Is it due to Capability??


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    Re: 5800, playing DRMed audio

    Have you tried on usng the DRM player ? it was made for application that do not have DRM capability..

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    Re: 5800, playing DRMed audio

    Hi folks,

    In my case, there was WM DRMed content (EFileType==3).
    For now, CDrmPlayerUtility doesn't allow to play WM DRMed content.

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