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    A question about String Literal in Symbian

    Today, when I read a subsetion on Literals, I have a question.
    _LIT(KTxtMyStringLiteral, "My string");

    iFilePos += elementBuf16->Length() + KTxtLineDelimiter().Length();

    why string literal in Symbian not like string in c++ standard?
    String in c++ standard is very easy to use.

    why KTxtLineDelimiter should be casted to descriptors?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: A question about String Literal in Symbian

    string literals are like cost char*. so no way same as String. refer to http://www.newlc.com/en/Using-Symbian-OS-String.html that explains String to Descriptors in general.

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