Hello everybody,

It's my first post in this Forum, I need any help for understand the process
Sorry if this thread has been already posted.

My subject is :
Develop an API in dotNet C# for exchange DATA with a NOKIA 6212 NFC.
I found the sample "P2PExchange", but I don't understand how exchange Data.

The API C# work with Reader ACR 122U.
My midlet send and receive data from/to the reader ACR. (like a tchat)

I see that it necessary to create a TargetListener for sending data and an NDEFRecordListener for read Data.
And it's possible to use the phone or the reader like a mifare for simplify the development.

My problem is I don't really understand how to proceed for create the both application.

If someOne have a sample or can help me.

Thanks a lot,

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